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She Spoke It and Success Followed

You asked and we listened! Now you can tune in from the comfort of your home as we stream this powerful 2018 Affirmations panel discussion and party.

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She Spoke It and Success Followed

We all love a good Vision Board Party to really think about and imagine the things that we would like to see happen in the upcoming new year. However, so many of us lack the daily actions and affirmations it will take to actually turn the visions into a reality. At the top of this year Alena Conley's P31 Project hosted the first annual "I AM" affirmation party and it was a huge success. Alena has found daily affirmations to be essential to her success and spent the year coaching individuals on to create them and master them as part of their daily lives.

Almost a year later the testimonials have been amazing. Complete shifts have occured in attendees lives. So instead of waiting until January, Alena has teamed with some amazing women to bring you another powerful event.  "She Spoke It and Success Followed" is a two-part event that will take you into the journey of three sucessful women during a panel discussion sharing how mastering the use of affirmations has renewed their minds, increased their productivity, has helped them find the men of their dreams and increased prosperity in their businesses.

Meet the Panelist
Lasonya Ford - Pharmacist + Entreprenuer
Ashley Goggins - Attorney + Credit Specialist + Entreprenuer
Fallon Rice - CPA + Travel Blogger + Entreprenuer

Affirmation Party
Part two of the event is all about creating your 2018 affirmations. Similar to Alena's first event she will spend time  teaching you why affirmations work and coaching you on how to properly construct your personal affirmations.

To get the most out of this event we recommend completing your vision board or your 2018 goals in advance so that you have a starting point for you affirmation creation process.

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